Our Governors

Strengths of our school

Chesterton Primary School is a safe, happy and caring school where every child is valued. Children are encouraged to participate in the wonderful opportunities on offer to them. The environment for children’s learning is bright and welcoming. Our Headteacher and his team of Senior Leaders have a clear vision on how to move the school forward.

Areas for improvement

Outcomes for pupils across all phases of the school must improve to meet the demands of the 2014 curriculum and the related statutory assessments.  More specifically, improvements must be made in:

Key Stage 2

  • Progress in reading and mathematics;

  • Progress in reading, writing and mathematics for disadvantaged, girls and boys with middle prior attainment, and children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities with middle prior attainment.

Key Stage 1

  • Attainment in reading, writing and mathematics;

  • Attainment in reading, writing and/or mathematics for those ‘emerging’ disadvantaged children;

  • Attainment of disadvantaged children in phonics in Year 2.


Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Attainment of a Good Level of Development in the EYFS Profile.

Teaching must be at least consistently good with some outstanding features.  Anything below this is unacceptable for the children of Chesterton Primary School.

Attendance must continue to improve so that we can reach our school target of at least 98%.  The school must make additional efforts to improve attendance for children in receipt of ‘Free School Meals’ and those with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities.  This is an area where parents, governors and staff need to work harder together.

Managing the Performance of Staff

Performance management is carried out by the Executive Headteacher [Mrs Lynn Jackson], Headteacher [Mr Jonathan Hankey] and Senior Leadership Team, - Deputy Headteacher [Mrs Katie Wildman], Early Years Leader [Mrs Vanessa Davenport] - and the governing body.

Feedback is given to teachers following a broad range of monitoring exercises including lesson observations, learning walks, book scans, moderation exercises, lesson resource scans, pupil conferences and parent surveys.

Performance in all areas provides a judgment on teaching and learning that is explicitly linked to pay progression. The Resources Committee of the governing body makes decisions on pay progression based on the evidence provided to them in the Headteacher’s Autumn report to governors.

The performance of the Headteacher is monitored and assessed by the Executive Headteacher [Mrs Lynn Jackson], who provides essential professional advice about the Headteacher’s performance in relation to whole school targets and makes recommendations in relation to pay progression.

Pupils Achievement

The Standards Committee oversees all aspects of Teaching, Learning, Attainment & Progress.

The Headteacher and/or Assessment Leader analyses and presents the school’s performance data in the Autumn term [Raise Online Unvalidated] and Spring term [Raise Online Validated]

In-house data, - https://chesterton.educater.co.uk - is analysed and presented to the Standards Committee termly.  This data is also shared with the Full Governing Body with the relevant minutes from the Standards Committee meeting.

Governors must continue to provide challenge at all appropriate times and hold the school and its leaders to account for the performance of the children in relation to both attainment and progress for all groups of children, regardless of their different starting points.

Chesterton Primary School must be able to compete in relation to the outcomes that it provides for its’ children on both a local, regional and national scale and therefore we make comparisons between these results.

How well are the children taught?

The Standards Committee oversees all aspects of Teaching, Learning, Attainment & Progress.

With the support of the 'Trust's' Director for Teaching & Learning, the Governing Body, Headteacher, Senior Leaders, Teachers and Parents must remain vigilant in the focus on 'at least' good teaching and learning for all children.

Effective recruitment of the highest calibre teaching and support staff is essential if all children are to be ‘the best that they can be’.

The retention of effective staff is a priority so they must be fully supported through a rigorous induction process and coached/mentored through a professional development programme that nurtures progression and secures the highest aspirations for all of our children.

All governors are able, and are actively encouraged, to observe and question how well pupils are learning and staff/governor relations facilitate discussions about attainment and progress.

The work in the children’s books gives a clear indication of how much progress has been made over time and how well the children achieve. 

Marking is important to each and every child, providing essential information about how well they are doing and what they must do to improve. All children must continue to be challenged in all lessons.

What more needs to be done at Chesterton Primary School?

It is everyone’s responsibility to guarantee that every child reaches their full potential. Everyone must have the highest expectations and engage children with the learning sequence through exciting and purposeful experiences.  Trustees and governors must have access to a robust reporting system in order to enable them to perform as ‘critical friends’ to the school and its staff.

How do governors know what they know?

The school has a welcoming open door policy. Pupils, parents and staff are always happy to communicate and share their experiences at Chesterton Primary School with the very proud governing body. It is essential that trustees and governors understand the questions that data raises in order to challenge the narrative explanations offered by the school leaders.

The Headteacher provides a termly report to the Full Governing Body.

The minutes from both sub-committees, - Standards Committee and Resource Committee - are shared with all governors and trustees alike.

Financial Position

  • The Resources Committee oversees all aspects of the school finances.  
  • Mrs Smith, the Bursar, provide termly updates to the Resource Committee.  
  • The financial year runs from September to September.
  • Building improvements are recommended by the Headteacher and approved or denied by the Resource Committee.
  • The same applies to human resource issues. 
  • The school has a balanced budget.

Pupil Premium

Governors must ensure that the Pupil Premium, Pupil Premium Plus and Early Years Pupil Premium are allocated to have the greatest possible impact on the attainment and progress of children in receipt of this funding.

The purpose of this funding stream must continue to focus on closing the gap between those children in receipt of these funds and those not in receipt of these funds and doing this at an accelerated rate. 

School in the community

Chesterton Primary School has an extremely valuable part to play in the local community.

The majority of pupils live in the community and ensuring that they have respect for where they live is extremely important. 
Experiences outside of school give the children the life skills and experiences required to explore what their futures as global citizens has to offer. 

The governing body recognises and praises the opportunities that Chesterton Primary School offers to its children.

Full Governing Body

Role:GovernorTerm of Office
HeadteacherMr. Jonathan Hankey 
Co-opted Chair/ParentMrs. Fiona Locket13th May 2019
Co-opted Vice ChairDr. Allison GardnerTBC
Co-opted TeacherMrs. Vanessa DavenportTBC
Co-opted ParentVacantTBC
Mrs. Lynn JacksonTBC
Co-optedMr. Robert SwindellsTBC
Associate Teacher:Mrs. Katie Wildman 


Standards Committee

Role:GovernorTerm of Office
HeadteacherMr. Jonathan Hankey 
Co-opted ChairDr. Allison Gardner13th May 2019
Co-opted Vice Chair/TeacherMrs. Vanessa DavenportTBC
Co-opted ParentVacantTBC
AssociateMrs. Katie Wildman 


Resources Commitee

Role:GovernorTerm of Office
HeadteacherMr. Jonathan Hankey 
Co-opted ChairMr. Robert SwindellsTBC
Co-opted Vice Chair/TeacherMrs. Vanessa DavenportTBC
AssociateMrs. Katie Wildman