Performance Data

Annual Attendance Data: 03/09/2014 – 17/07/2015

Authorised Absences30854.62
Unauthorised Absences12051.8
Possible Attendance66837 
Approved Educational Activity7511.12
Lates Before Registration Closed19242.9
Lates After Registration Closed2140.32
Unexplained Absences00

Annual Attendance Data: 02/09/2013 – 18/07/2014

Authorised Absences31634.59
Unauthorised Absences12281.78
Possible Attendance68882 
Approved Educational Activity6050.88
Lates Before Registration Closed17732.57
Lates After Registration Closed2500.36
Unexplained Absences90.01


For detailed information about Annual Attendance and School Performance, please download the pdf's below: