Welcome to the Pre-Nursery Page

Pre-nursery is always a busy place to be! It is important that children spend their early years getting to know new friends by building relationships through talk and play and learning classroom routines that will support them both at school and at home.

Healthy lifestyles are essential for growth and development and this is our first focus: talking about hygiene routines such as hand washing and brushing our teeth. The children create skeletons together, looking at their bones and they take home a ‘teeth brushing reward chart’ to complete daily.

Following this, the children explore traditional tales including ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. Pre-nursery build houses for the pigs using straw, sticks and stones and make bears using fur and material. The story is linked to food and the children have some porridge for snack, stirring the oats, adding milk and cooking together.

The children move onto learning about autumn and observing the changes in our environment. The class walk around our outside environment looking at the trees and leaves, talking about colours and textures.

The children will also be looking at farm animals and where they live, talking about harvest time and where some of our food comes from.

During the start of the Spring Term, the weather is often very cold and we focus on the seasonal changes so children begin to understand time, weather and the changing environment.

The children learn about how animals cope during the winter and how they find food when the ground is frozen.

The children make bird feeders using bird seed and lard. These can be seen hanging in the trees outside.
We are hoping some birds will come and enjoy the food, and we look out for them every day!

As the year progresses, we move into summer and interest the children in playing through picnic and holidays. The weather outside enables us to encourage water and sand play and role play. The curriculum is delivered through traditional tales, nursery rhymes and child-interest topic books.