Pupil parliament

‘Pupil Voice’ at Chesterton Primary School is represented through the ‘Pupil’s Parliament,’ a group of children elected by their class peers to represent them in whole school decision making, such as selecting a new Head Teacher or Teachers, reviewing and evaluating the School Self-Evaluation, identifying priorities for the School Improvement Plan, etc.

The ‘Pupil’s Parliament’ is made up of an elected ‘Head Girl,’ ‘Deputy Head Girl,’ 'Head Boy’ and ‘Deputy Head Boy’ from the Year 6 class, and one elected member for each class from Year 1 to Year 5.

The ‘Pupil’s Parliament’ hold regular meetings to discuss and identify items for the next meeting agenda and to provide feedback from the previous meeting. Parliament meetings are held with the Headteacher where the children are able to express their thoughts, ideas and beliefs about the betterment of the school.

The ‘Pupil’s Parliament’ is supported by members of the ‘Eco-Council' who are also ‘democratically’ elected by their class peers.

The Eco-Council have created their own ‘Eco-Code’ that they are committed to uphold. The ‘Code’ can be found below:

  • Collect scrap paper to recycle;
  • Help our wild life and look after our garden;
  • Eat healthy snacks;
  • Switch lights off when room not in use;
  • Turn taps off. Don’t leave them dripping;
  • Eat healthy dinners;
  • Recycle and reuse as much as you can;
  • Tidy litter away in to bins;
  • Only use what you need;
  • Never drop litter.


The Eco-Council has achieved the following awards: