Term Dates

School Terms and Holiday Dates 2020 / 2021

Term Dates are set on the basis of 195 days including 4 staff training days that are allocated from within these agreed dates.

Spring Term 2020

Staff & PupilsTuesday 7th January – Friday 14th February
HolidayMonday 17th February – Friday 21st February
Staff & PupilsMonday 24th February – Friday 3rd
HolidayMonday 6th April – Friday 17th April
Easter SundaySunday 12th April


Summer Term 2020

Staff & PupilsMonday 20th April – Friday 22nd May  
Bank holiday  Monday 4th May
HolidayMonday 25th May – Friday 29th May  
Training Day26th June 2020
Staff & PupilsMonday 1st June – Friday 17th July     
HolidayMonday 20th July – Friday 28th August


Please note: May Bank Holiday is on Friday 8th May 2020 in line with VE day NOT Monday 4th May 2020


Autumn Term 2020

Training dayTuesday 1st September 
Term startsWednesday 2nd September – Friday 23rd October 
HolidayMonday 26th October – Friday 30th October
Training dayMonday 2nd November 
Term startsTuesday 3rd November – Thursday 17th December
Training dayFriday 18th December
HolidayMonday 21st December – Friday 1st January 2021


Spring Term 2021

Training DayMonday 4th January
Staff & PupilsTuesday 5th January – Friday 12th February
HolidayMonday 15th February – Friday 19th February
Staff & PupilsMonday 22nd February – Thursday 1st April
HolidayFriday 2nd April – Friday 16th April
Easter SundaySunday 4th April


Summer Term 2021

Staff & PupilsMonday 19th April – Friday 28th May  
Bank holiday  Monday 3rd May
HolidayMonday 31st May – Friday 4th June 
Staff & PupilsMonday 7th June – Friday 16th July     
HolidayMonday 19th July – Tuesday 31st August


Please note: There is one more training day to be included – this will be decided at a later date and will be in Summer Term 2021