The Curriculum

If you would like more information on our curriculum at Chesterton Primary please contact your child's teacher

At Chesterton Primary School, it is important that our children embark on a curriculum that is inspiring and enables each individual to see the world beyond their doorstep, whilst, being equipped with the basic and necessary skills to cope with day-to-day life. This academic year we are on a journey of personal growth to help the children to be enthusiastic and independent learners. The curriculum needs to be a journey of learning in which they build on their knowledge year-on-year.

Our curriculum is continually developing so we can offer carefully planned opportunities which contribute to every child’s academic, spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural understanding.

We aim to build a school community that make children proud of who they are, where they come from and how they fit into society. We want parents to embark on the journey alongside their children and support positive behaviour, home learning and good attendance.

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum as this crucial life skill will enhance attainment and progress across all curriculum areas. We know our teachers will nurture, encourage and challenge all children to achieve the highest possible outcomes in their academic and personal development.


All areas of the curriculum are carefully mapped to ensure children have a progressive curriculum that they can make sense of.

Starting from Early Years, there should be a clear development from class-to-class showing growing opportunities for children to learn, progress and develop a thirst for knowledge.

Early Years

The EYFS is a curriculum in its own right and is used to enable practitioners to work following the developmental needs of the child. The rationale reflects our ethos and our ‘in the moment’ style flexibility. 

Our philosophy is to follow the children’s interests and next steps. All planning is based on the cohort and data is analysed at the end of each half term in order to plan the next steps, the learning environment and coverage of all areas of learning. There are overarching themes such as Easter, Christmas, Autumn, Spring etc. The focus is on raising standards in oral story-telling, a love for books, physical literacy skills, fine and gross motor skills.