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English, Geography and History: The Romans 

The class follow two texts: Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit, which links to our Geography topic of Volcanoes, and Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong. The Romans (local historians) visit our classroom and the children are able to ask questions and gain information. To solidify their learning, the children will go to Brampton museum for a Roman workshop - they have also have a visit from three Roman soldiers.



Links to other Subjects

All subjects, where possible, are linked to the topic, for example, this term within maths the children will look at place value and this will be linked to Roman numerals. In History they will learn about the spread of the Roman Empire and general information about the Romans. This then links with the English work where they will be producing a number of pieces of written work around the topic, including a non-chronological report about what the Romans did for fun, a persuasive poster to entice you to join the Roman army and an explanation text about a Roman invention.

Topics include

Rampaging Romans - The Romans

Raiders or refugees? - The Vikings
It’s a hard life - The Victorians

Some of the texts include:

  • Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong
  • Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit
  • How to train your dragon by Cressida Cowell
  • Street child by Berlie Doherty
  • Hetty Feather by Jaqueline Wilson

Class Trips include:

  • Brampton museum
  • Blist Hill Victorian museum
  • Tatton park


In Maths, Year Four will further their knowledge of place value then move on to addition and subtraction using written and mental methods.mIt is an important time for Year 4 as they will be undergoing the new government issued multiplication test towards the end of the school year, this means that learning times tables at home as well as in school is crucial. Please spend 5 minutes per night practising with your child, short sharp bursts are all it takes for them to be successful.

Home Learning: Information to Remember

  • Weekly Spelling Tests
  • Maths Whizz four times a week
  • Reading each night and practise of multiplication tables and spelling
  • Home Learning project each half-term