Welcome to Year 1's Class Page

Year 1 is an exciting year in school as the children begin to develop a range of skills and learning strategies across all subjects. Learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom and is stimulated by the children’s interests. Below is some of the learning in Year 1 – join us to find out more

Topics and Texts

Autumn 1 – All About Me – The Bad-Tempered Lady Bird by Eric Carle
Autumn 2 – Special Delivery – The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Spring 1 – Out of this World - Man on the Moon – Simon Bartram
Spring 2 – African Adventure - Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett
Summer 1 – Living and Growing – Eric Carle author focus
Summer 2 – Beside the Seaside – The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch by Ronda & David Armitage

Maths Learning

In maths, the children work on their counting skills: counting forwards and backwards to and from 20, as well as counting up in 2, 5 and 10. Year 1 focuses largely on place value and the use of different mathematical resources to develop understanding. The children also investigate 2D and 3D shape, including exploring the shapes of everyday objects. Also, the children begin to learn about money, recognising the value of individual coins and moving on to adding coins to make given amounts.


We are encouraging the children to become more independent in their reading and to be challenged to read banded books that accompany their stage of phonics. This means that they are being exposed to unfamiliar words at an earlier stage. Children need to be reading regularly at home as well as in the classroom to develop their reading fluency and comprehension. Comprehension questions can be found at the back of reading books to develop children’s understanding of what has been read.

All the children read with an adult in the classroom as well as taking part in a guided reading session on a Wednesday morning. This is a time where children will read as part of a group and complete work that is based around either phonics or the text that they have been reading within their group.

We're sure that the children will remind you, every time that they read at home, counts towards a book worm reading certificate. 

Home Learning

Maths: The children all have a Maths Whizz log-in, this can be found in their reading record book. Completing Maths Whizz at home will support children’s learning within the classroom. It is expected that the children use Maths Whizz to develop their number work and mathematical skills.

Reading: The children will be expected to read each night to support the development of phonics and reading

Spellings: Children will be given weekly spellings to practise at home in addition to learning them within the classroom. This will support children in their reading and writing.

Project: There is a new ‘project list’ each half-term where children can choose which three tasks they would like to complete. This supports the children’s creative development and also gives them something to bring into the class to show and discuss with their peers.

Term: Autumn 1
Topic: Year 1 - All About Me

Year 1 begin the year looking at a collection of texts about their feelings and how to manage them, as well as celebrating similarities and differences. They also explore different aspects of everyday life such as community, families and friends and sharing individual interests and hobbies.

The main text focus is 'The Bad-Tempered Ladybird.' The children use the book to discuss how behaviour can affect other individuals. The children also enjoy finding out facts about ladybirds and creating colourful collage art of scenes from the story.

Term: Autumn 2
Topic: Year 1 - Special Delivery

We launch our 'Special Delivery' topic with a fairytale trail around the school grounds. The trail leads the children to clues from characters from our topic text, 'The Jolly Postman.' This text links to many of the children's favorite fairytales through a series of letters from The Jolly Postman. They will learn about the features of letters and even to write their own to someone very special a little closer to Christmas.

In history, the children will be exploring toys from the past and how they compare to the toys they have now. As a part of this learning, there is a trip to Brampton Museum to look at toys from years gone by.


Term: Spring 1
Topic: Year 1 - Out of this World

Another key learning topic in Year One is 'Out of this World'. The children explore all things 'space' alongside the class text 'Man on the Moon.' During this topic they enjoy activities such as setting up a moon souvenir stall and researching Neil Armstrong to produce fact files. In art the children will be creating their own interpretations of the painting 'Rocket into Space' by Leonid Afremov. The children also explore 'Everyday Materials' and will be investigating which materials would be best suited for particular purposes.

Term: Spring 2
Topic: Year 1 - African Adventure

This topic takes the children on a tour of Africa, exploring animals, art and weather. They will be taking a trip to the Kalahari Desert with Sunny the meerkat, from our class text 'Meerkat Mail', and investigating the difference between the weather there and our weather here in Chesterton. During this topic the children enjoy creating their own African art and creating leaflets about some of their favorite African animals.

There is also a trip to Peak Wildlife Park where the children visit some of the animals they have been learning about a visit their African village.


Term: Summer 1
Topic: Year 1 - Living and Growing

During this topic the children explore lots of different types of plants and seeds and enjoy watching their very own beanstalks grow! This learning is linked to one of their favourite fairy tales, 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' The children use the text as well as a range of visual and kinaesthetic resources to develop their story telling skills. They are also given opportunities to use their creative writing skills, forming character descriptions and predicting what the magic beans they find in the classroom might grow into!

As part of this topic, there is a trip to 'Conkers' where children take part in a 'Secret Life of Seeds' workshop.


Term: Summer 2
Topic: Year 1 - Beside the Seaside

Our final topic is perfect for a trip to the seaside! At the end of the year, Year 1 take a trip to the seaside to see some of the features found in our 'Coasts and Oceans' geography focus. The children will learn about all of the features of coasts and oceans as well as diving into the history of lighthouses and lighthouse keepers. They will compare trips to the seaside, past and present, in history and create a healthy picnic for the lighthouse keeper in design and technology.