Welcome to Year 1


Children are always excited about moving to Year 1 especially as their classroom is located in a different part of the school: this is a new beginning from EYFS to Key Stage One.  From their outdoor learning space they are still able to see Early Years and this supports their transition and well-being.

The learning is planned carefully covering a wide and varied curriculum outlined below.





  • We enjoy daily Jolly Phonics sessions, shared reading time with friends, one-to-one reading with an adult, reading alone.
  • We develop our love of reading.
  • We read and apply phonics skills.
  • we link reading to our own and new experiences and talk about words and what they mean.


Speaking and Listening

  • We enjoy role play and story re-telling.
  • We develop our imagination and creative skills.



  • We learn to write simple sentences, using our capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, nouns and verbs.



  • We learn through ‘hands on’ learning.
  • We add, subtract, make groups, share amongst groups and measure with a variety of objects.
  • We count in groups of numbers, such as 2s and 10s.



  • We cover four key areas: seasonal change, materials, animals including humans and plants.
  • We become scientists and explore and experiment.
  • We use a range of equipment and materials to investigate, measure and find answers to questions.
  • We use different methods of recording this information, such as labels and graphs.


Art and Design

  • We encourage explore a range of materials and techniques to create our own unique art work.
  • We explore techniques such as: colour mixing, lines and shapes to create simple representations, collage, printing and patterns.
  • We learn about a range of artists such as Van Gogh, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Leonid Afremov.
  • We explore the techniques used by the artists, share our own artistic opinions, likes and dislikes and the children.
  • We create our own interpretations of famous pieces of art.



  • We focus on the basic skills and knowledge required when using a computer or laptop.
  • We look at the key features of various devices.
  • We become familiar with the keyboard and how to use it.
  • We learn about the importance of e-safety, such as communicating online and information sharing.
  • We begin to log in to programs using their own passwords and usernames.


Design and Technology

We cover three main design and technology projects, structures, mechanisms and nutrition.


  • We design, produce and evaluate our own unique products.
  • We learn and develop a skills such as cutting, cooking, modelling.
  • We explore and use a range of materials to complete projects.


The children will design and create homes for fairy tale characters, make moving rocket pictures, develop cutting skills and express their likes and dislikes of different fruits to create a healthy snack for the lighthouse keeper.



  • Our journey begins close to home.


We learn about:

  • Our local area and features of a village.
  • Where we live.
  • Simple maps.
  • The countries within the UK and looking at coasts and capital cities.
  • Hot and cold places around the world.



  • We develop a sense of past and present.


By learning about:

  • Different periods in time and how things have changed.
  • Celebrities from the past.
  • Toys, families and clothes from multiple time periods.
  • How air travel changed the world forever!



  • We are given the chance to explore different sounds and genres of music.
  • We develop our likes and dislikes in music.
  • We discuss what we hear and feel when listening to music.
  • We enjoy building a bank of simple songs throughout the year, including songs for Christmas, harvest celebration and sea shanties.
  • We explore African drumming music and develop our own beats and rhythms using a range of instruments.



  • We have dedicated PE lessons twice a week.
  • We cover basic skills to enable game play by the end of KS1 (Catching, throwing, movement, defending, attacking).
  • We learn how our bodies work during exercise.
  • We learn movement control through some dance and basic floor work.



  • We talk about our feelings and emotions to support our wellbeing.
  • We learn about feeling safe and being safe.
  • We discuss friendships.
  • We learn about staying healthy and developing dreams and goals.



  • The key focus for R.E in Year 1 is Christianity.
  • We learn about the main Christian festivals, such as the Nativity, Lent and the Easter story.
  • We learn about the parts of Christianity such as the church, christenings, bible stories and the life of Jesus.