Trips and Educational Visits

We support our crucial knowledge in the classroom with high quality learning opportunities that help the children embed their knowledge and support their retention of information in a fun and exciting way.

We are always involved in local community projects that enhance our curriculum too!

Below, are examples of the visits and trips we offer. These can vary from year-to-year and are continually revised according to changes in the curriculum.

The Brampton Toy Museum

Children in Key Stage One visit the museum to see what toys were like in the past. This supports their curriculum learning ‘Changes in the Living History.’
There is an opportunity for play outside and a fun day for all!



Chester: The Romans

The Roman soldier experience in Chester takes the children on a guided walk of Roman Chester. Whilst there, they take part in a workshop at the Grosvenor Museum exploring daily life as a Roman in Britain. The day is a fantastic opportunity to reinforce the learning from the classroom and bring it to life.


Liverpool by Train

World Museum: The Egyptians
The children support their crucial knowledge from the classroom with a visit to the museum to see the vast collection of artefacts and information about the Egyptians. There is a lot packed into this museum and there are opportunities to experience other areas of the curriculum while they are there.

Alton Towers

Just for fun!
Year 6 leavers often choose to visit Alton Towers as an end of term celebration. This is a great day out both for staff and children! The children choose their end of term trip and are given responsibility to branch off and return to the meeting points at regular intervals.

Blist Hill

Blist Hill is a Victorian Living Museum in Ironbridge.
All the staff dress in period costume and bring the Victorian era to life. Children learn about the industry as well as learning about daily living in the shops and houses. This is a fabulous place to visit as it reinforces all the learning from the classroom.


Manchester Jewish Museum

Our RE curriculum educates children about all religions and the importance of buildings in worship.
Children learn about Jewish celebrations on this trip and experience the beauty of a religious building. The children are able to take part in a workshop exploring Jewish artefacts and tour the museum. Through the course of the year, children also go to the local church and compare different features of religion.

Ford Green Hall

Ford Green Hall is a beautiful and local building offering an insight into life in the 17th Century. Our visit is linked to learning around the Tudors and Stuarts.
Children are able to take part in workshops that provide ‘hands-on’ learning and extended knowledge to support their history from the classroom.


RAF Cosford

RAF Cosford is an exciting day out where children can learn about what it is like to fly in a spitfire, see de-commissioned aircraft in a huge hangar and learn about the world at war. The children take part in a workshop and learn what it was like to be in a shelter during air raids. It’s an important part of the history curriculum and supports the learning from the classroom.

Children take part in many other trips and visits including:

Apedale Museum: local history and environmental focus

Peak Wildlife: science and animals in their habitats

Gentleshaw Wildlife: science and animals

Ranton Abbey: environment