Design and Technology



The school’s intent for Design & Technology is that D&T is an inspiring and practical subject that follows a set process so children understand how new products are made and how people in the real world come up with new ideas.


Structures: Structures are studied every year to reinforce learning and move onto the next step. They move from simple structures, with triangles to reinforce to the more complex use of nets and frames.

Mechanisms: These develop into Mechanical Systems and then impact upon the development of fairground rides in Y6.

Mechanisms are visited frequently because they link to real life industry and life skills.

Food: This is covered 4 times (with extra in Year 2). This is because we encourage children to be healthy through their food choices. We intend that by teaching about healthy eating and preparing simple meal and snacks, the children will have a better understanding of healthy lifestyles and apply this knowledge to their home lives.

Textiles: This develops skills from simple sewing to following a pattern to create a 3D product. These units develop skills for life – they may also be applied in Art.

Electrical systems: In Year 4 the DT unit will consolidate the Electricity Science Unit focussing upon simple circuits. In Year 6 the children will have the opportunity to revisit this learning and take it to the next step.

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